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Sarah Haggart
4 min readJan 12, 2022


I’m an executive assistant.

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I have had this job for going on 3 years now, It’s so boring to me now!

I’m not feeling challenged any longer and frankly, I feel like just another employee. Thanks to the pandemic my relationship with my boss changed in a way that was for the worst. I use to sit outside of his office and know his moods and the vibe of the day. Now it’s different and I am not a fan.

I like working from home, trust me. I don’t like the insecurity I feel now. I was never that employee to begin with. I was the one that was confident but cool. I would walk with my head high through the sales floor. So many dynamics have changed with the industry and within the job duties also. Part of me can’t wait to be back in the office and the other part of me realizes that it will never be the same. We will never be a full capacity again. We had just broken ground on a brand new building to hold everyone since we were growing at such an alarming rate when this pandemic first hit. I mean top-of-the-line new building, beautiful with tons of space for the over 600 person department. Like I said so many things have changed during this pandemic.

So I accepted the position not knowing what it was at first. I was trying to go for a manager role and somehow stumbles across this EA position so I took it. I didn’t know the guy barely and I had no idea what it paid but it got me out of the limbo of in-between sales and manager. I’m truly grateful for what I have learned through honestly and having someone take a chance on me with a role I knew nothing about.

People ask me what I do and I say Executive Assistant and then they follow up with so what does that entail? I’ll tell ya, it’s boring. I email people to follow up and make sure things are getting done properly or turned in on time. I make sure that my boss is in the meetings he is supposed to be at the correct time and has any and all materials necessary. I calendar things and plan events (post-pandemic world). I do sales reports which means I get to work with Excel spreadsheets and such. I do some creative work with PowerPoint but not too much. I handle expense reports and have a corporate credit card. I’m just supposed to be there and available at all times.

It’s a very detailed job. I have made mistakes before like everyone with a job but you learn from those mistakes. The job is more of predicting what could go wrong and what is needed. I read people in meetings when we are in person. I’m like a silent bystander watching everyone and everything. I know what makes my boss tick.

It’s a perfect position for me because I like routines, I enjoy doing the same routine each morning. My friends describe me as a disciplined person. I’ve been that way for a majority of my 20’s. I don’t like being late, I don’t like people distracting me. It was perfect for me because at the time I found it, I needed the stability it offered. I needed the pay too, but I needed something to put my focus on. I was going through a break-up very publicly and everyone in that office looked at me like the girl who is going through the break-up. I needed it because I could do it, and I did rock the hell out of this job.

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Now I don’t feel the joy anymore when I log on in the mornings, but it still pays my bills. It has benefits and honestly for the amount of work and hours I get paid pretty well. I’m scared to give that up for sure, Not too ashamed to admit when I’m scared. I don’t have a backup plan that can easily replace that income. I could find one close if I wanted, but do I want to? DO I want to continue the path of the 9–5 office job from home? The responsible bone in me says ah…duh! Deep down my soul says hell to the no! Do what makes you happy and the rest will fall into place!

I know that I will need to figure out a stream of income that can compare or at the very least cover my bills before I decide to move on from this position. I’m not 21 anymore and I don’t make rash decisions. I learned my lesson with time there.

I’m working on setting myself up for a beautiful future of traveling this world and making money on the side. I don’t want to work this life away but I understand this is the real world and I’m just trying to find the balance.

Anyways, Thanks for reading!

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