The reality of moving away

Photo by Charlie Wollborg on Unsplash

I was 21 when I left Michigan and I haven’t regretted a second of it.

Sure I have my moments where I long for that familiar sense of driving down a road that my friends and I use to sit on the corner of, but who doesn’t long for that familiar feeling. I just found it elsewhere, in other things.

It’s hard to leave, but it’s the easiest thing ever once you do. I have friends all over the country now, some traveled for school then made their way in the world and some even stayed in my hometown. There is nothing wrong with either choice. I’m not writing this to tell everyone that they should leave their hometown, not at all. I understand that everyone has to make their own choices. That’s what makes this world so beautiful honestly.

It’s hard to leave, but once you do it’s the easiest thing ever.

I used a guy as an excuse to leave like lots of girls do I'm sure. He said he had family in Texas that could help us make our transition easier, so I jumped on the opportunity. 6 months later we crashed and burn, hard. He ended up treating me like garbage, so I left, got my own place in another city.

Wanna talk about loneliness? that was hard. I had my dog that I entered into the relationship with and myself. Living in a one-bedroom apartment with no friends and no one to count on. I also had just turned 22 so I was extremely young. Of course, you don’t realize how young you are and just how much you don’t understand until the time has passed. So I traveled back home for a brief amount of time and was instantly reminded of why I left to begin with.

I left because I was tired of being around the toxic behavior that my family presented. I had the means at the time to find my path so I had to try. I needed to get out of that town because at every corner I had a memory and most of them were not good. The bad memories seemed to drown out the good memories. I just felt overwhelmed there. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t focus or see what I wanted from there. Once I left I was able to see what I wanted from this world. I always knew what I wanted because it was deep inside me. Once I left and was on my own It came back to the surface. Who I wanted to be slowly started to shape.

Photo by Michael & Diane Weidner on Unsplash

The thing is that no one is going to tell you hey you should leave everything you know and your comfort zone. It’s not something many people supported me in, but that’s half of life. You have to do what’s right for you. I had to put distance in-between my family and I to become who I am today. I know that I couldn’t have done it with them in my life.

Two states later I have a husband and two dogs under my roof. Now my mom is here with me as well. My in laws are here and there is a community of family around us. We have tons of great stories to share of our travels and a perspective on moving across country that not many people have.

To me home is wherever you build it. The comfort you create with the people you love and care for.

Anyways, thanks for reading!

As always Feedback is a gift!



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